What is your idea of the perfect future?


I love the idea of flying cars just like in the Jetsons cartoon but I’d be very happy with a future where everyone lives in peace.


What is your greatest fear of the future?


The rise of intolerance tearing us apart and irreversible damages due to climate change. 


What trait do you wish all humans will have in the future?


Empathy and kindness


What would be your transportation of choice in the future?


Tele-transportation would be great


Where would you like to live the most in the future?


A Jetsons style London


If you were to die and come back as a person or a thing, what would it be?


Either a very posh and pampered dog or someone who will make a great impact on humanity, like finding the cure for cancer or ending poverty.  


If we told you, your job no longer exists in the future, what would you like to do other than this?


Some profession that hasn’t been invented yet! 


What is one thing in the present that you would like to never change?


The UK remaining a member of the EU (technically it still is). 



If we could take you on time travel now, where would you choose to go?


I’ve always been fascinated by the 60s and all the social upheaval that happened during the decade. Experiencing the vibe of the ‘Swinging London’ in loco would be amazing. 

















What will the fashion of the future be like in your opinion?


Hopefully more ethical and much less damaging to the environment. I’d like to see new textiles made from recycled materials and intelligent fabrics that change and adapt to our needs and maybe even have AI skills (like Alexa on our sleeves!). All without compromising our style, meaning no boring designs! In terms of trends, I believe the past will continue to inspire designers over and over again because nostalgia simply became our ‘security blanket’. 



















What is your favourite piece from OMNISS archive?  


I love the Vanity Alert collection and the “lip with injection” jumper. But my absolute favourite is the printed shirt the model is wearing while playing the piano, in the campaign from the same collection (ed. note, photo above).  


with the founder of emotional branding consultancy project.m,

Mirela de Lacerda